Leather Binders - Custom Leather Books
Custom Leather Books, Handcrafted Custom Leather Books and Binders

Leather books, book covers & photo albums.
Some of which are sewn and some are laced edges.
These are not all the items I've made, just the ones I have pictures of.
If you don't see what you're interested in - just ask.

Leather Photo Album front - end - back| Leather Phone Book front - back

Leather Receipt Book | Leather Business Check Book | Leather Notebook - back

Leather Journal | Will Rodgers Follies Leather Photo Album | Leather Music Book

Leather Logbook | Leather Photo Album | Bible Cover | Leather Business Book - back

Business Book 2 | Crest Album - Crest Album 1 - Crest Album 2 - Crest Album 3

Leather Desk Set Interior - Desk Set | Kay - Photo Album | PBR_Leather Organizer

Leather Note Pad - Leather NotePad Inside | Leather Organizer | Portfolio | Retirement Book

Standing_Bear's Book Cover | USN_Notebook | Air Force Logo| JC Retirement Notebook

Country General Store Leather Guestbook | Country General Store Leather Guest Book 2

Legacy Trees Leather Guest Book | Legacy Trees Leather Guestbook

PBR Notebook | PBR Leather Notebook 2 - PBR Leather Note Book Back

Micki Free - Leather Photo Album | Leather Wedding Album 2  |   Leather Wedding Book 3

Kill Bill 2 Leather Movie Props 1 | Kill Bill 2 Leather Movie Props Interior

Contact me and let me know how I can assist you with your leathercraft needs
or snail mail:

Leather By WC
"Standing Bear's Trading Post"
7624 Tampa Ave.
Reseda, Ca. 91335
818 342-9120

For leather working classes and leathercraft supply information
Please contact Standing Bear's Trading Post direct
at inquiry@sbearstradingpost.com

Standing Bear's Trading Post - Leathercraft supplies and
Native American craft supplies.

I have had many inquires from AOL users
and have not been able to reply to some of them
because they have blocks to not receive e-mail from certain servers.
If you e-mail me and do not get a reply,
please check and see if you have a block and remove it.
E-mail me again and I'll try again...

There are no prices listed for any of my pieces
all my work is by custom order.

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