Leather Knife Sheaths - Custom Leatherwork

Custom Leather Knife Sheaths
Leather knife sheaths and knife cases

I've made many sheaths but did not take pictures
of the plain ones, Most of the pictures you will see here
are of carved leather knife sheaths, or sheaths that have
tooled or stamped designs on them,

If you have a sword or knife
(folding, fixed blade or multi-tool)
I can make you a leather sheath

Knife Sheaths

                             DSR knife sheath  | DSR custom leather knife sheath detail

                          D guard bowie knife sheath  | Roy TD custom leather knife sheath 1 

Buck Knife Sheath

Misc. Custom Leather Sheaths

  Maglight  | Sheath | Sword Scabbard |
Camp Utensil Set   | Wc's Axe Cover

Archery Quivers & Leather Cuffs

Museum Quivers  Dragon Quiver 1
Dragon Belt Quiver 2   |  Dragon Quiver Detail
Leather Bow Cuff 1 | Leather Bow Cuff 2   | Leather Bow Cuff 3

Contact me -
let me know how I can be of service to you
for your custom leather needs
or snail mail:

Leather By WC - located in
"Standing Bear's Trading Post"
7624 Tampa Ave.
Reseda, Ca. 91335
818 342-9120

If you are looking for supplies for
  or Native American crafts,
you can find them at
"Standing Bear's Trading Post"


I have had many inquires from AOL users
and have not been able to reply to some of them
because they have blocks to not 
receive e-mail from certain servers.

If you e-mail me and do not get a reply,
please check and see if you have a block and remove it.
E-mail me again and I'll try again...

There are no prices listed for any of my pieces
all my work is by custom order.

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Custom Leather Knife Sheaths
Leather knife sheaths and knife cases

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